Accordion Closet Doors – A Solution to Lack of Space Problem

If you want a classic look without the need to give up so much space, then accordion closet doors are the solution for your needs. They can provide instant modern interior look and at the same time, save you that much needed space.

Accordion or multi-fold doors are quite common in hotels and condominiums where space is limited and a contemporary look is needed. Accordion doors fold back in sections when you open them and unfold the same way when you close them. They can be made of vinyl, glass or aluminum.

Buying accordion doors can be made easy and less time consuming if you check out online retailers that offer these products. Here are insights on some accordion doors that you can find online.

Woodfold Series 240: Commercial/Residential Accordion Doors:

Flexibility of this Woodfold door is such that it can be installed in any residential, institutional, commercial or industrial settings. This series is known for its durability which is highly required for a successful configuration of space in offices, schools, homes, restaurants-in stunning style. This series come in various options, including locks, latches, curvable tracks, multiple meeting posts and a range of finishes such as Vinyl-Lam, natural hardwoods, custom paint, and stains.

This product also carries the exclusive steel hardware of Woodfold, giving you flawless performance. Panel dimensions are 4 and 1/4 inches in width by 1/4 thickness.

First Choice Accordion Doors: Series 140:

This series is recommended for utility rooms, closets, wardrobe areas or storage rooms where there is a need for a door that has one finished side. This door is available in 14 standard colors of vinyl laminate, six hardwood choices and optional decorative murals. If you want your own color for the door, you can purchase this series unfinished, primed for paint and ready for staining. Optional laminates such as Wilsonart, Pionite, Formica and Navamar can be applied.

Accordion Doors by Hufcor Inc.:

This 5-ply laminated, semi-rigid door is constructed to withstand daily use and impact. If you want to redecorate, you can have a replacement door for just a fraction of prices of new doors. It features inner steel lining that lessens the noise and increases durability.

Accordion Doors by Specialty Doors and Automation: offers this custom manufactured accordion doors made from mahogany, walnut, oak and birch. The specifications include 8 feet wide, 8 feet to 12 feet in height and a stacking space of 1 and ¼ inches plus ¾ inches to 2 inches for lead post. The doors are available in bronze acrylic, vinyl-lam and natural hardwood panels and dual system with nylon tires and ball bearing rollers.

Accordion Doors by Custom Door and Mirror Inc.:

This accordion door can be fabricated to fit the size opening that you want. It is constructed from ¾ inches, 45-pound density wrapped board in grey melamine. You can have various finishing options, including paint, paneling, laminates, wallpaper, pre-finished melamine, wood veneer, raised panel and louver. It features four hinge designs with spring for easy door operation. You can also have a choice of folding mirrored doors with polished edges or beveled.

Choosing A Sliding Closet Door For Your Home

One of the most popular types of doors found in homes today is sliding closet doors. What makes them such a trendy and desirable choice is due to their user-friendly ability to create more space in typical smaller rooms plus the added advantage of handy access to items concealed behind the doors.

You’ll find also that interior closet doors will complement any room because of the wide array of choice in design and color schemes. They are loved for the craftsmanship and details that manufactures employ.

Sliding doors are also a splendid choice for any walk in closet. Unlike inferior sliders that used to fall of the hinges whenever they were opened these doors do not detach as easily. During the installation be sure to oversee that they are done the right way to insure that do not come unhinged from the rails.

Substandard installation or low priced closet doors often make noise as they slide on their track which is another reason to invest in sliding doors which fold in which results in smoother operation.

As you investigate your many choices and work within your budget you should purchase the most superior doors you can afford.

By choosing a sliding closet door equipped with a damper system and silent rails you can insure you will not have any issues with door jams. If you are working within the confines of a small room then a door with mirrors is a great choice as it gives the room a much more spacious appearance. It also alleviates the need for a separate dressing room as the mirror is handy for a full view of your wardrobe as you get ready for your day.

If you already have a dedicated space or full length mirror at your disposal then you might want to consider the choices of designer glass in either a smoked effect or frosted can add a distinct touch to your room.

In addition to diverse glass elements there are also various wood finishes to consider. Just keep in mind that wood will cause your closet doors to be a little hefty versus choosing a laminate type finish. Wood happens to be a more fashionable choice with homeowners because of the richness it purports.

Choose wisely as it is a style you will look at every day. You can typically find great bargains at your neighborhood home and decorating supply center.

Even though the internet is a great source of comparison it would be wiser to make your purchase at your hardware store so you can be sure of correct measurements for the best fit of your sliding closet doors.

Eight Steps to Installing Sliding Closet Doors

Installing sliding closet doors not only makes access to your clothes much more convenient, it gives your bedroom an instant face lift. Sliding doors, also referred to as bypass doors, are your best option for maximizing space, which is a welcome improvement in a smaller room. Installing the tracks and the doors is not as nearly as difficult as you might think either.

Eight Steps

1. Take Measurements – You will need to measure the opening where the door will go. It is a good idea to measure the top and the bottom of the space just to be safe. Record these measurements and take them with you to the hardware store.

2. Choose Your Material – There are different types of wood to choose from or you may want to install mirrors. Make sure that you pick up wood stain and related materials if your timber is unfurnished.

3. Prep Your Doors – If you are working with raw materials, you may need to sand, stain and let them dry however, many doors come ready to install when you buy them so this step won’t be necessary.

4. Remove Old Door(s) – Whether you have a standard door or old wardrobe sliding doors currently leading into your closet, they will need to be removed. The old track will also need to be removed using a screwdriver as well because chances are, you won’t need any of the old hardware other than the door guides.

5. Track Install – Using your drill, you will install the upper and lower track, make sure that it fits right against the door opening. You may want to use a shim to level the track if necessary.

6. Mounting – If you had sliding doors before, you can use the previous location as a guide to mount the brackets. Make sure that the screws are tightly seated so that the tops of them won’t interfere with the movement of the rollers. However, take caution not to over tighten them or they can warp which will inhibit smooth door movement.

7. Rollers – The rollers will need to be mounted on the doors following the manufacturer’s instructions. Some kits will already have these mounted for you.

8. Hang your new doors on their tracks.

Helpful Tips

• The most popular door height is 80 inches however, this can vary depending on the age, location and overall structural design of your home. Doors can easily be custom built to individual specifications if necessary.

• When working with large pieces, always have someone help you to avoid damage to the door or injury to your self.

• Always wear proper safety gear when installing sliding closet doors such as goggles, gloves, ear plugs and work boots or shoes.

Sliding Closet Doors: A Buyer’s Primer

Many reasons exist for installing sliding closet doors. Those that were originally included in your home might not be operating correctly, for example, or maybe you’d prefer to install a mirrored variation. Perhaps the actual wardrobe door track or roller has fallen apart and you need to build new ones. Regardless of the reason or reasons, there are several fundamental ideas to consider when you plan to go about replacing them.

First, before getting into the designs of them and other aspects, you need to measure the doors and jambs that are already there. While it might seem an obvious step, many homeowners skip it and wish they hadn’t. You’ll need the exact of dimensions prior to you heading to the shop to purchase a brand new set of closet panels.

You’ll find all types of from wood to steel, at just about any kind of hardware store. You might want to look around a little prior to deciding on the door you intend to buy. The web is actually a great place to start your window-shopping, just be sure to do the final judging in person. The only way to know the quality, the finish and the overall style and how it suits your personality is face to face.

Ensure that the kind of sliding closet door that’s selected matches the feel of the room where it will be installed as well as the remaining house. If your home has one style, try not to pick a style that comes out of left field. It’s also important to buy for the person or persons who will be using the door on a regular basis. Generally, children tend to require much sturdier types than grownups do, for example.

Cheaper Is Not Better – Neither Is More Expensive

There are many types to consider. They are available at varying costs – but buyer beware: the cheapest nor the most expensive are usually the best choice of all. How well-crafted the door is should be the primary consideration. A poorly made door that looks good should only be considered in rooms where it serves an ornamental purpose.

Pre-Finished Or Not?

Color is the next consideration. You can purchase them already painted or stained. Another option would be to buy a wood doorway that’s incomplete and stain or paint it on your own. This can reduce the cost considerably in many cases. Of course, the door will need to be painted and dry prior to installation.

Swapping Out Old For New Doors

Old sliding doors are easy to pop out. If there’s a locking mechanism, it’s easy to shut off. The existing track will also need to be removed as will all of the hardware. In its place, follow the new doors’ instructions and install the new track and hardware. From there, it should be a cinch to pop in the new one and use them. A lot of newer sliding doors already come with the rollers pre-installed, which makes this process even easier. Once the new sliding closet doors are on their tracks, preferably by two people, they should move efficiently and be ready for years of use.

The Space-Saving Feature of Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion or folding closet doors are one option you have if you want your home to have a modern look. The contemporary design of these doors makes them perfect addition to your home decor.

Accordion doors are made of up hinged panels attached on a frame. The typical measurement of each panel is about four inches to five inches. When you open them, they fold back in sections and unfold the same way when you close them. Proper installation of these doors will make it very easy to open even with just a push of your fingers.

Furthermore, accordion doors can be custom-built to fit any interior door size. You are spared of the trouble of altering the door size. Find time to check out online retailers for various designs of accordion doors such as glass, mirrors, plastic or wood. And while you are browsing for a door to buy, make sure that you compare prices to get the best deal. Here is a look at some accordion closet doors that may interest you:

Series 140: Commercial/Residential Custom Wood Folding Accordion Shutter Doors:

This door is ADA-compliant and can be used in both commercial and residential markets. It is finished in one side, folded in less amount of space and remains in place whether in the open or close position. It incorporates the manufacturer’s pin-hinge hardware to ensure durability and strength. This exclusive hardware has a modified handle in swept-wing style. The design of the door takes advantage of the folded door construction. It is suitable for installation in areas where only one side is needed to look good such as closets, utility room or wardrobe areas.

The panels of this door are factory finished and available in vinyl laminate or natural hardwood.

Runwell Accordion Doors:

The dividers and accordion doors manufactured by Runwell are proven to be practical solutions for residential projects that require design flexibility, low cost, durability and maintenance-free. The Runwell doors are designed for constant use and impact. They are maintenance-free because of their double-sided polyester finish. The doors’ heavy gauge steel is prefinished and needs no painting. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them clean and new looking. These doors are preferred closet choice in government housing projects because steel door panels are extremely durable and maintenance-free.

Small Folding Door Series by Foshan Tianchuang Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd.:

This replacement is made with glass and aluminum frame. It is environmentally friendly and comes in different colors, patterns and sizes. It is heat resistant, break resistant, moisture proofing, corrosion resistant, do not deform and convenient to install. It is also applicable for toilet or shower room.

PVC Folding Door by Shanghai JunLin Ornament Materials Co. Ltd.:

This door is made with durable PVC, can you much needed space and easy to fit. They are also perfect for cupboard doors, wardrobe and room divider. This door is under item number JL-100-60.